Benefits of Working with a Physical Trainer


Physical Trainer pic

Physical Trainer

As the current owner of MZ Berger and Co., Bernie Mermelstein has been able to grow the company by focusing on product innovation and starting new brands. While away from his work obligations, Bernie Mermelstein stays active through physical activities, such as spinning, lifting weights, and collaborating with a physical trainer.

Working with a physical trainer is optional, but you can produce even better fitness results by pairing with a professional. One of the main reasons that people tend to stay away from equipment other than the treadmill at a gym is because they have no idea how to use it or they are worried about injuries. Physical trainers will guide you on how to utilize the other equipment, such as weights and weight benches. A trainer can create a customized plan specifically targeted to your goals so that you can enhance your flexibility, core strength, and balance.

Although there are many videos and step-by-step articles online about the proper form for various workouts, having a physical trainer present will ensure you’re getting the most out of your exercise routine, exercising safely, and progressing toward your goals.