Benrus – Iconic Watchmaker of Midcentury America

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The owner of MZ Berger & Co., Bernie Mermelstein guides a respected timepiece and accessory manufacturer headquartered in New York, with 700 employees worldwide. A former U.S. Watch Council member, Bernie Mermelstein maintains an extensive collection of American-made watches, from Gruen to Benrus.

Established as a watch-repair business in the 1920s by three brothers who emigrated to New York from Romania, the Benrus Watch Company quickly established a reputation for top-tier timepieces. The company set up an assembly space on 44th Street in the Hippodrome building and coordinated manufacture of most moving parts in Switzerland.

Benrus experienced major growth during World War II, when it began producing watches for servicemen. Following the war, the company moved into designing unique pieces with exaggerated lugs and bezels, including the iconic Dial-o-Rama and the one-piece Embraceable, which slipped on like a bracelet. These highly collectible watches came to define what is now known as the Retro-Modern period of timepiece design.


Benefits of Working with a Physical Trainer


Physical Trainer pic

Physical Trainer

As the current owner of MZ Berger and Co., Bernie Mermelstein has been able to grow the company by focusing on product innovation and starting new brands. While away from his work obligations, Bernie Mermelstein stays active through physical activities, such as spinning, lifting weights, and collaborating with a physical trainer.

Working with a physical trainer is optional, but you can produce even better fitness results by pairing with a professional. One of the main reasons that people tend to stay away from equipment other than the treadmill at a gym is because they have no idea how to use it or they are worried about injuries. Physical trainers will guide you on how to utilize the other equipment, such as weights and weight benches. A trainer can create a customized plan specifically targeted to your goals so that you can enhance your flexibility, core strength, and balance.

Although there are many videos and step-by-step articles online about the proper form for various workouts, having a physical trainer present will ensure you’re getting the most out of your exercise routine, exercising safely, and progressing toward your goals.

MZ Berger & Company’s 60 Year Growth

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MZ Berger Co

Bernie Mermelstein is the owner and chief executive officer of MZ Berger & Company (MZB). MZB is a large family-owned accessory company that has been in the business of manufacturing original timepieces for over 60 years. Founded in 1950 by Michael Zachary Berger and Joseph Mermelstein, the business began as a small boutique on Manhattan’s 5th Avenue. Joseph Mermelstein assumed control of the business years later, and his son Bernie Mermelstein came aboard in 1970.

Under Bernie Mermelstein’s direction, MZB has grown into a full-blown accessories company, expanding its product line to include jewelry, handbags, consumer electronics, home decor, clocks, and more. He also introduced new avenues of distribution for the company. MZB now employs over 700 people in offices in New York City, Detroit, Bentonville, Hong Kong, and Toronto.

MZB has earned the respect of its partners in the retail industry. In past years, it has been honored as Wal-Mart’s Vendor of the Year, Sears’ Partner of the Year, and Kohls’ Supplier of the Year.

Nefesh B’Nefesh – Services throughout the Aliyah Process


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Nefesh B’Nefesh

A graduate of New York University School of Law, Bernie Mermelstein has led MZ Berger & Co. as chief executive officer since 1975. Also involved in charitable giving, Bernie Mermelstein supports Nefesh B’Nefesh as a benefactor.

Nefesh B’Nefesh seeks to simplify the process of Aliyah, or the return of those who are Jewish to Israel. The organization strives to assist with the integration of Olim in Israeli culture and teach those who are part of the Diaspora about the importance of Israel to the Jewish community.

Nefesh B’Nefesh serves individuals of all ages and walks of life, from families and students to retirees and young professionals. The organization helps these individuals in three phases: pre-Aliyah planning, Aliyah flights and expedited processing, and post-Aliyah guidance, with the latter phase including monthly check-ins and Hebrew tutoring. Also offering employment assistance, Nefesh B’Nefesh helps with job searches and business coaching, in addition to providing support to those who wish to start their own businesses.

Signs of a Quality Watch

well-made watch

well-made watch


Bernie Mermelstein leads as owner and chief executive officer of MZ Berger and Co., a family-run business that began in a small 5th Avenue showroom in New York in 1950. Since assuming control of the company, Bernie Mermelstein has continued its tradition of producing quality watches, while also expanding its capacity to include housewares and other types of timepieces.

A well-made watch shows its quality in appearance, feel, and function. The watch is essentially a fully functioning clock in miniature, and it requires quality components to function. With a number of such high-grade components, the watch gains a fair amount of weight.

A buyer can also listen for the sound of a good watch. The best watch mechanisms are timed so that they move from second to second without a clicking noise. Instead, they sound like they are sweeping along smoothly.

Function of a watch is harder to test. Some watches are measured by chronometer testing, and this is a good sign of a well-made watch. Consumers may also look into the tradition of a watchmaker to gauge whether the timepiece is reliable, just as the reputation of a vendor can tell the buyer what quality of watches they buy.

A good watch vendor, like a good watchmaker, understands that buyers have many different needs. Each buyer should consider those needs, whether they be cosmetic or longevity-related, as to purchase the most appropriate watch.

Benefits of Spin Class

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Benefits of Spin Class

Since 1977, Bernie Mermelstein has led as CEO and owner of MZ Berger & Company in Long Island City, New York. Bernie Mermelstein balances his executive responsibilities with a commitment to personal fitness, which he pursues through twice-daily workouts and spin class three times per week.

A good spin class can help a participant to tone muscles, increase cardiovascular capacity, and burn calories. Depending on intensity, a 45-minute workout may burn approximately 500 calories, though the individual rider can adjust bike settings to burn more or fewer calories.

As you spin, you also get an effective cardiovascular workout that helps to improve your endurance. Most spin classes focus on interval training, which maximizes heart rate as well as calorie consumption. At the same time, you experience an endorphin release that leads to a feeling of overall well-being as you leave class.

Your individual muscle groups also get a strong workout in spin class. Spinning allows you to tone the leg muscles without adding excess bulk, while also strengthening the core. In addition, many classes add upper body work for a more comprehensive workout.

All of this occurs in a low-impact setting that does not stress the joints or present a high risk of muscle tears. Still, it is important for the athlete to warm up before starting class, so that the body is ready to work.

AIPAC Commends U.S. Government for $38 Million Aid Package

American Israel Public Affairs Committee pic

American Israel Public Affairs Committee

Bernie Mermelstein serves as the owner and CEO of MZ Berger & Co, a family-owned distributor of timepieces and accessories based in Long Island City, New York. Apart from his work, Bernie Mermelstein supports various Israeli awareness organizations, including the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) recently released a statement in support the recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the US and Israeli governments that will see some $38 million in funding – the largest amount ever – disbursed to Israel over the coming decade. Included in the MOU are funds for joint missile defense initiatives.

AIPAC gave special thanks to President Barack Obama and the rest of his administration for their efforts in securing this aid package agreement between the two nations. The organization also thanked both branches of Congress for their efforts and stated that they welcome the opportunity to work with them to ensure that the entire amount of the aid package receives funding.