American Israel Public Affairs Committee Hosts Policy Conference

American Israel Public Affairs Committee pic

American Israel Public Affairs Committee

Since 1977, Bernie Mermelstein has served as chief executive officer and owner of MZ Berger & Co. in New York. Heavily involved in the Jewish community, Bernie Mermelstein maintains membership with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

The AIPAC strives to protect, strengthen, and promote relations between the United States and Israel. In doing so, the organization also enhances the security of the two countries. It also draws on the efforts of more than 100,000 citizens from across the United States to work closely with their elected officials to strengthen the two countries’ relationships. In addition, although the AIPAC is not a political action committee, it works with members of Congress to educate them about the importance of a strong United States-Israel relationship.

One of the ways the AIPAC connects with its members is through its annual policy conference, with the 2017 event occurring on March 26-28 in Washington, DC. Attendees have an opportunity to meet with members of Congress and speak with them about Israeli issues as well as listen to a variety of speakers who cover topics relating to the Israel community. The 2016 conference featured sessions hosted by Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.