Benefits of the Elliptical Workout Machine


Elliptical Workout Machine pic

Elliptical Workout Machine

Since 1977, Bernie Mermelstein has served as CEO and owner of MZ Berger and Company (MZB), a maker of wearables and watches. In his free time, Bernie Mermelstein stays in shape by lifting weights and using the elliptical.

The elliptical’s greatest value for the user is exercising a number of major muscles at once. Properly used, it can strengthen quadriceps, glutes, calves, and hamstrings. Additionally, it works upper-body muscles such as those in the chest, arms, and back. Using the elliptical also helps cut back on mineral loss in weight-bearing bones.

An elliptical workout is easier on the feet than other methods, because feet remain in pedals instead of enduring impacts, as they would when running. Additionally, the workout session is quieter and more comfortable, and users can change their speed and the angle of the machine to burn more calories and work different muscle groups. Like any other exercise, using the elliptical may pay off in improved mood and immune system, as well as lower risk of diseases related to obesity.


Ways to Get Involved with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee

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American Israel Public Affairs Committee

Since 1977, Bernie Mermelstein has served as CEO of MZ Berger & Co., a New York-based accessory business that carries a variety of products, including watches and clocks, home décor items, jewelry, and consumer electronics. Alongside his professional pursuits, Bernie Mermelstein supports the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Those who would like to support AIPAC in its efforts to strengthen the United States-Israel relationship can get involved with the organization in several ways. Supporters can make a one-time donation on the group’s website or pledge appreciated securities through a broker. AIPAC also offers a planned giving program for individuals who would like to make the organization part of their estate plan.

In addition to financial support, AIPAC welcomes those who would like to be personally involved in the group’s activities. AIPAC clubs offer supporters the opportunity to join the organization for pro-Israel events in Washington, DC, and other cities. Individuals can join one of six AIPAC clubs, with an annual commitment ranging from $1,800 to $100,000.

Other ways to get involved with AIPAC include attending one of the group’s local or national events. The committee’s largest event is the AIPAC Policy Conference, which takes place in Washington, DC, each March. The event gives attendees the opportunity to attend education sessions, hear from speakers, and meet face-to-face with members of Congress. The next AIPAC Policy Conference will take place March 4-6, 2018.