AIPAC Commends U.S. Government for $38 Million Aid Package

American Israel Public Affairs Committee pic

American Israel Public Affairs Committee

Bernie Mermelstein serves as the owner and CEO of MZ Berger & Co, a family-owned distributor of timepieces and accessories based in Long Island City, New York. Apart from his work, Bernie Mermelstein supports various Israeli awareness organizations, including the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) recently released a statement in support the recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the US and Israeli governments that will see some $38 million in funding – the largest amount ever – disbursed to Israel over the coming decade. Included in the MOU are funds for joint missile defense initiatives.

AIPAC gave special thanks to President Barack Obama and the rest of his administration for their efforts in securing this aid package agreement between the two nations. The organization also thanked both branches of Congress for their efforts and stated that they welcome the opportunity to work with them to ensure that the entire amount of the aid package receives funding.


Dave DeBusschere: An Underrated Knicks Great

Dave Debusschere pic

Dave Debusschere

For nearly four decades, Bernie Mermelstein has served as chief executive officer and owner of MZ Berger & Co. in Long Island City, New York. In his leisure time, Bernie Mermelstein enjoys watching professional basketball and is a New York Knicks season ticket-holder.

The Knicks teams of the early 1970s seemed to always be in the championship mix. That was due to the efforts of players like Willis Reed, Walt Frazier, and Phil Jackson. There were other contributors on those teams, however, whose efforts often went unnoticed because they didn’t show up in the box score; Dave DeBusschere is one of the players.

Among the learned in NBA lore, DeBusschere is often lauded as one of the most stalwart defensive players in league history. His efforts on the defensive end of the floor were a pivotal factor in the success of the Knicks early 70s teams.

DeBusschere was a first All-Defensive selection for six years straight; he was selected to eight all-star games, and posted ten straight seasons with a double-double average. While there have been Knicks players that made bigger names for themselves over the years, DeBusschere’s contributions can’t be understated, and the fact that he still isn’t well-known among NBA fans at large makes him one of the most underrated players in Knicks history.